Friday, September 24, 2004

Why be nîce?

"Nîceness is like a really bad cold - it's contagious. Except compared to a cold, it's way nîcer!"
-Antoine De Nîce

"Can't we all just get along?"
-the comic-relief-ape in Tim Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes

"I never travel without my diary -- because things are pretty nîce that way!"
-Oscar Wilde

"Hell is other people."
-J-P Sartre

"Your ass and a hole in the ground."
-Clint Eastwood

This is a blog about nîceness. More specifically, about the nîce people who live at Chateau Nîce, which is located near an after-hours club called the Matador in "The Grove" area of Toronto, which you may not know but it's a pretty damn nîce place to live.

So yah, nîceness--we three inhabitants of Chateau Nice (and I'll make the introductions in a moment, because for sure you're dying to know who such nîce bloggers are) are firm believers in nîceness, and also firm believers in the accent circumflex.

So yah, nîceness; we're pigs for it. We eat it up. We roll around in it. Pigs for the nîceness, that's us, nuff said. I mean, like we always say inside the grand marble hallways of Chateau Nîce, "Be nice, or be roadkill!"

~Monsieur Bonhomme