Sunday, June 26, 2005


It was an amazitastically sunshiney Groveular weekend, capped by some quality park time in the Big Backyard aka the Dufferin-Grove Park aka communal socialist utopia w/ diy pizza oven. Wholesome frolicking was at an all-time high this Sunday eve as all manner of beast and man took to the lush green tree-lined savannah just across from the Duff Mall. Not to be outdone by our disgustingly fit, healthy anarchist neighbours, the three Chateauvians (or the one Chateauvian - newly possessed of a velocipede ie a shiny blue bike named 'Peaches'- and of course the two stonecold Chateauvixens) tackled the outdoors with gusto and giggles, thoroughly imbibing the free-wheeling fooforah that our lusciously green and Grovulous environs have to offer. Truly a lovely evenin'.

Some delightful surprises:

  • Voula and Ming turn out to be uncommonly good football players! Voula not such a bad wide receiver, and Ming rather a feisty cornerback. Pics of Ming taking the pigskin to the boobs to come shortly... And Grove touch football tournament anytime soon? Chateau Nice vs. Condo Nasti, or Chateau Supafly? Bring it on ladies!
  • Who knew anarchist puppet theatre could be so hilarious?
  • Who knew Joan of Arc was actually a pie-faced, pencil-necked cyborg? And was I the only one who found it strange that both puppet shows on at the park ended with gruesome executions - 7 puppety hangings and a singalong witch-burning? By gar yiminy, try tucking your kids in to that!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

as i got up to leave the streetcar today, the girl sitting across from me said, "excuse me, i've been admiring your necklace. a girlfriend of mine wants one just like it. did you get it out of the country?"
i could have lied and told her it was hand-made in south america by the wife of a sabatista or on the beach in thailand from a blind man and his monkey, but the look on her face generated by the truth was much more satisfying.
"actually, it's from aldo accessories."

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Brunchin' in the Grove

Some find these jeans unflattering
Waiting for them sausages
Pass the swine
Eggs Tanzola
Brunch Giants
Jess' belly
Danielle and Alison
Thanks for the pastries!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Brunch for Bowels plans

I told K and D about brunch on Sunday, so the pressure's on ;-)
BTW, who's cookin'?
Gah. Times likes these, wish I'd gotten that griddle pan... Pancakes or french toast?
French toast! Also, you two should invite all their lovely galpals, and I can ready my PG camera :-)
Done. Although I'm running out of friends for you to photograph.
Can't we chat about this on messenger? This french toast debate is clogging my box!
M doesn't IM at work. She is DILLIGENT.
Ya, I don't IM at work.
what about the lovely G – sans the burly beau of course...
Dear Mr. Man Hater,
You can't invite one without the other. However, I did invite her and didn't mention him. Whether or not she/they come is up to them now. =)

and yet email is so inefficient
I'm trying to be efficient at my job
I love men. I just have no use for them.
think global efficiency. it doesn't have to be a win-lose situation.

HAHA. I have. Sadly, my social life loses out.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dinner at La Paisa

Despite the sticky heat, the party of six sated our bellies with Colombian cornbread, various meats, tamales, cracklings("Tastes like a heart attack!"), rice 'n beans and exotic drinks.

Inca Kola es única e incomparable

MarMar share a Passion Fruit beverage

No room for gelato
I rather liked the cracklings; tasted like childhood.
Now accepting restaurant suggestions for July's Sunday Dinner. Somewhere in the neighbourhood, perhaps?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sunday Dinner

If you are reading this post, then chances are that you find at least one (but hopefully all!) of the residents at Château Nîce somewhat tolerable. So why not join us for dinner this Sunday?
Since it is much too short notice for P-Tizzy to thaw some meat and wow us with his special sauce, we are venturing outside the Grove for a supposedly cheap and cheerful Colombian meal at La Paisa. And here it is, the map. According to NOW, "complete meals are $15 per person, including all taxes and tip. Average Main $7." Not a vegetarian-friendly menu. See you Sunday!
Date: Sunday, June 12, 2005
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: La Paisa, 1520 St. Clair Avenue West (at Caledonia)
Dress: rainproof
Diners confirmed at this time: 5