Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gateau Slice - BACK ON! - July 15

Ok - it always take a family dinner to decide on these things; so let's make it happen.

At dinner tonight I believe we decided on the afternoon of Sunday July 15 for Gateau Slice, a DESSERT MAKING CONTEST. Brunch may or may not be not included, although I'm sure coffee will be provided.

Gateau Slice - a day of full bellies and empty calories, of expansive tastes and expanding waists. Whose stack of Jenga-waffles will take the prize??? Also, I hear that Voula's triple-C curry-chocolate cupcakes may make a comeback. And - is Ming promising a tort-ed affair?

Be at Chateau Nice on July 15 to find out. As AC/DC may have sang, You sugar me all night long!

Pls. forward to friends of the Chateau and post on your Facebook!