Friday, August 26, 2005

- That was fun. I can see why the ticket enforcement people get a rush out of ticketing others.
- I wonder if they enjoy ticketing expensive cars more.
- I once knew a cop on highway patrol and I asked him if there were people he enjoyed pulling over more than others. I think he thought I meant did he enjoy pulling over black people. He got really defensive, but what I really meant I had to clarify– you know, people in jerk cars.
- Like that lexus we ticketed.
I think we should hide in the bushes and film his reaction.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Would the housemate preoccupied with poo please stand up?
I had to remove it. It was making me queasy.

Friday, August 19, 2005

He who hesitates... (aka Baron von Château's Flying Adventures)

I got the call Thursday, at 5:40pm.
I put down the receiver.
Approximately 1 second later I was on the phone to Ming: she said 'yes' and put down the receiver. Both of us scooted to the foot of Bathurst St to meet Peter at the airport ferry by 6:15.
One hour later we were in the air.
It's not every day a flyboy Punshine invites you for a twirl above the city in his 4-seat propellor plane. (something about 'friends in high places'?)

Click the photo and dig it. And thanks again Pete-ah - we love you!

(ps we tried to get Voula to come but she was at a baseball game)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Château Stealth? Not by a longshôt.

In the summer some folks in the Grove go over to their neighbour's house to enjoy a barbecue.

At Château Nîce, well.... well, we wait til the cover of midnight, and we gather our nerve. We drive south to a house at Rusholme and Dundas and we see a barbecue sitting in front, all alone, offered up to wolves and garbagemen. This is Our Moment. The plan is: snatch the barbecue, stash it in the trunk of Flavio's Nissan, and skedaddle.

Several minutes of hefting and confusion reveal an unexpected fact, however: the barbecue will simply not fit in the car.

Enter a rather sorry Plan B, ie walk the puppy home. Ming and Voula push the rickety beast all the way from Rusholme and Dundas, waking up the neighbours with much obstreperous metallic clanging. Flavio meets them north of College and escorts the pilfered 'cue - banging and rambling - back to the house. A mere five metres from home and fumbling in the dark for his keys, Flavio triggers his spastic car alarm. Clang & bang X 100. Voula bursts out laughing: Château Stealth indeed.

We call her Barbie

Barely a scratch on her. Many grill-themed parties to come!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Georgina County

Way up north on the shore of Lake Simcoe sits the Tanzola Compound – or at least, the beginnings of it. Packed some burger fixins, drove up to rescue Voula from the burbs and made it to the cottage with a little less than two hours daylight left to paddle, skim and feed ourselves to the mosquitoes.