Sunday, January 28, 2007

brand new day

Our internet connection has been wonky lately. Yesterday, only certain sites were accessible and today there was nothing. So after restarting the computer and resetting the modem (with no luck), I called Rogers Tech Support and they put me through the standard process, plugging and unplugging modems, routers, etc. Nothing seemed to be working and after a good half hour on the phone and various consultations with "technical experts," they concluded that my network card was toast and recommended that I buy myself a new one. I thanked them, got off the phone and realized that even if I did buy an ethernet cable, I'd have no idea how to install it and to get a computer expert to check it out would cost me more than the card itself. So in a last ditch effort, I shutdown my computer, walked away and turned it back on again and presto, internet connection up and running without exceptions. I dunno. Since I've been exceptionally stressed lately, it's probably affected my brain chemistry but I'm going to choose to look at this in a philosophical light and use the experience as a metaphor. What did Annie say? The sun will come out tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Coming soon!

Bring your toothpicks.

Friday, January 12, 2007

look towards the light

i hate being sick.
first the scratchy throat. it's nothing...really...just take some echinacea and it'll pass.
then feeling like you got hit by a bus. ok, two days off of work and in bed ain't so bad.
but then. THEN the aggravating part. my sore throat turns into itchy ears (really, from the inside) and then the drip starts. when my nose drips, i blow it. when i blow it too much, it bleeds. so much kleenex. and every time i walk into a bright room i feel like sneezing.
i don't want to make anymore ginger-lemon tea. and this cold fx business is a big scam. i shoulda bought shares. anybody got a really loooong q-tip?